Review: L’Effervescence.

Tokyo is a culinary mecca with more Michelin starred restaurants than any other city in the world.

I first learned about L’Effervescence, a two Michelin starred restaurant, at work as they are a contributor of In Situ. Chef Shinobu Namae mixes Japanese and French ingredients together to create elegant edible works of art. They offer one tasting menu at a fairly reasonable price for a fine dining restaurant.

Outside L’Effervescence.

Table Setting.

Welcome Drink.

“Almanac”-Shimaebi with Lily Bulb and Frozen Lemon Kiwi (8/10).

This was a fun “amuse bouche” with layers of flavor. The small “shot glass” had warm creamy lily bulb topped with a shrimp flavored airy mousse. The other glass had cold, almost frozen, pieces of kiwi and lemon, which was a nice contract of temperature and tastes.

“Just like Apple Pie #42” (9/10).

The cutest presentation where the “apple pie” was hidden in the cardboard carton.

“Just like Apple Pie #42”-Japanese Smelt with Onion and Tarragon (9/10).

While it might look like a sweet apple pie, this savory mini pie was delicious with smelt, sweet onion, and hints of vibrant tarragon.

“Our Dearest Artisanal Farmers”-Seasonal Vegetables at this Moment (8.5/10).

A gorgeous array of seasonal herbs, greens, and vegetables. Bright and fresh.

Bread with Whipped Tofu and Sour Cream (9/10).

This was SO good. Warm bread with creamy luscious whipped tofu seasoned with tangy sour cream doused in fruity olive oil.

“Journey to the Other Side of the World”-Cuttlefish Sashimi with Ink Crisp, Cauliflower, and Narezushi (8.5/10).

Tender pieces of cuttlefish were served with narezushi rice (rice seasoned with fish, vinegar, and salt), crispy squid ink chips, cauliflower, and fresh lime. A balance of sweet, savory, salty, and sour.

“A Fixed Point”-Tokyo Turnip with Basque Ham and Broiche (7.5/10).

Their Tokyo turnip dish has been on the menu since opening in 2010 and while it’s a signature dish, it wasn’t my favorite. The turnip was cooked nicely, tender yet had a nice char but the overall flavors of the dish didn’t excite me.

“Spring Onion”-Grilled Kinki and Cherry Blossom Beurre Blanc, Wakame, and Udo (8.5-9/10).

Kinki, channel rockfish, has become a luxury fish in Japan as the amount that can be caught has been reduced over the years. The rich fish was served with an aromatic cherry blossom butter sauce, seaweed, and thin slices of udo (Japanese spring vegetable).

“Heritage”-Tiny Chawanmushi with Pen Shell Clam and Fukinoto (8.5/10).

A silky smooth chawanmushi, egg custard, was served with sweet pieces of pen shell clam and bitter fukinoto, also known as butterbur sprouts.

“A Country Between the Mountains & the Oceans”-Wild Boar with Spring Onion and Yuzu (8.5-9/10).

Wild boar has a delicious intense porky flavor that paired nicely with the charred sweet spring onion and fragrant yuzu zest.

“Flowers”-Rose with Strawberry Compote and Blanc-Manger (9/10).

I loved the simplicity of this dessert as the blanc-manger (almost like a panna cotta) was a blank canvas for the vibrant strawberry compote and aromatic rose.

“Taste of Sunshine & Water”-Hassaku Citrus and Fresh Cheese with Honey and Dill (9/10).

A gorgeous dessert where hassaku citrus was the star of the dish. A delicate honey and dill sauce was under the dacquoise filled with fresh cheese and topped with juicy pieces of citrus. A great way to finish the meal.



L’Effervescence was one of my favorite restaurants during my trip for its beautifully plated dishes with harmonious flavors showcasing Japanese ingredients but in a modern way. The dishes were creative without sacrificing taste so my overall rating is an 8.5/10.

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