Restaurant Review Scale

I thought it would be helpful for my readers if I created a simple 1-10 scale to give an overall rating for restaurants that I will be dining at. I’ll also try to rate each dish of the meal but I won’t always include breads, amuse bouches, pre-desserts, and petit fours. I’m far from a professional food critic but I’ve dined at enough restaurants to know when a dish is lacking flavor, creativity, or proper cooking techniques. Of course my personal preferences will come into play if I truly enjoyed a dish and thought it was mind-blowing or if I was completely dissatisfied. My scoring will mostly be based on the food but if the service is absolutely outstanding or truly awful then I will take those factors into consideration. Since I will be using  this scale for all kinds of restaurants from fine dining establishments to local joints, a three Michelin star restaurant could end up having the same score as a pizzeria. Any score with a 7/10 or above means that I would most likely return to the restaurant again.

Here is the scale:

10: Impeccable, absolute perfection (almost impossible to get a 10).
9: Outstanding.
8: Great.
7: Very Good.
6: Better than average.
5: Okay, quite average.
4: Nothing memorable.
3: Not good.
2: Really awful.
1: Truly horrendous.

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