Review: Quince.

Last week I dined at Quince, a two Michelin starred Italian/French inspired restaurant in the Financial District in San Francisco for my birthday. Many years ago I dined at their old location, which served primarily modern Italian food, so I was excited to see the space of their current location and to try their modern European cuisine. Continue reading


After three years of living in Italy, I was finally visiting a country that speaks english. Living in a country that doesn’t speak your native tongue can get quite exhausting at times. So I was ecstatic when I planned a trip to Dublin, capital of Ireland and home of Guinness beer! I spent three days sightseeing around the city and I have to say that I had some incredible meals here. Continue reading


Turin, the capital of the Piedmont region in Italy, might be known as the home for the FIAT car company but this city is also rich in culture. I had been to Piedmont the year before when I visited the small town of Alba so I was enthusiastic to visit the capital. So in 2014 I spent a weekend here exploring the city! Continue reading