Review: DAYTRIP.

Snail Bar was one of the hottest wine bars to open in Oakland but it looks like they have competition.

DAYTRIP is just a few blocks away from Snail Bar and definitely has a similar vibe with its wine bar and small plates program.


The menu is pretty concise with a selection of small dishes and only a few larger plates. You could easily try the majority of the menu if you’re hungry or with several people.

Hot Focaccia with Basil Oil and Fruit Vinegar (8/10).

I knew I had to try their sourdough focaccia and this did not disappoint. With its crispy exterior and fluffy interior, this was the great way to start the meal. The basil oil with the tart fruity vinegar was the perfect accompaniment.

Celery Salad with Sardinian Sheep Cheese (7.5-8/10)

Refreshing would be an understatement. The crunchy celery pieces were dressed in a lemon verbena and habanero dressing which added a little unexpected heat. I loved the thin shavings of the silky Sardinian cheese which added creaminess and a little richness.

Butter Beans with Speck and Smoked Scallop (7/10).

The warm butter beans were certainly the star of the dish. The cilantro yogurt sauce added brightness and the crispy speck had that salty bite to it. I wanted more of the smoked scallop as that was lacking. The toasted breadcrumbs were a nice textural component to the creamy sauce and beans.

Mussels in Cider and Cream (8.5/10).

While this might look unassuming, this small dish was one of my favorites of the night as it was packed with flavor. Underneath the luscious cider and cream topping, there were plump mussels, pickled heirloom apples, and nori rye. It was reminiscent of an elevated seafood chowder.

Miso Butter Pasta (8.5/10).

No wonder this is their signature dish because I could have eaten the whole portion to myself. The homemade pasta had a nice bite to it and was coated in honeynut miso and kelp pearls topped with gochugaru and marash chilies. An umami explosion. Definitely get this!

Burnt Sugar Cake (8/10).

Chocolate shortbread was topped with hazelnut dacquoise and served with ginger gelato and blood orange and pomegranate syrup,. It might seem like there’s a lot of competing flavors but everything worked together.

DAYTRIP is a solid wine bar where you can just relax and get a glass of wine or have a whole meal depending on what you’re looking for. It’s the perfect casual date night spot so my overall rating is a 7.5-8/10.

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