Review: Local.

Awarded with a Michelin star in 2022, Local blends Venetian cuisine with global influences.

Local’s vibe is modern yet inviting and right next to one of the many Venetian canals. Such a beautiful setting. They offer two tasting menus and we opted for the longer one since this was the only fine dining restaurant we were trying during our Italy trip.

Outside Local.

Great View of the Kitchen.

Table Setting.

Mocktails: Apple & Liquorice and Passionfruit & Bay Leaf.

We started off with a few mocktails and both were the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness. So refreshing!

Cicchetti (8/10).

Cicchetti, in Venetian language, are small snacks or bites and are a symbol of Venice. You can find shops all over the city selling these snacks which are eaten between meals and always served with an aperitif. Their modern rendition of these bites included a sphere of seawater, sea urchin puff with almond, baccalĂ  cracker, and vegetable fried wonton. Such a fun way to start off the meal.

Dry Aged Tuna with Nervetti and Cucumber (8/10).

Supple slices of meaty dry aged tuna was on top of nervetti, veal tendon and cartilage pieces, a typical ingredient found here which is used in salads. The nervetti didn’t have a distinct flavor but added some texture while the cucumber added vibrancy. We surprisingly both enjoyed it.

Homemade Sourdough with Rye and Spelt with Olive Oil (9/10).

The sourdough bread was so delicious with a wonderful crust and pillowy interior. They were kind enough to bring out a second loaf later on because we devoured the first loaf!

Blue Crab with Candied Lemon, Snap Peas, and Bisque (8.5/10).

Sweet crab meat was served with candied lemon and a robust bisque sauce underneath.

Raviolo with Peas “Risi e Bisi (6.5/10).

Risi e bisi is one of the most famous Venetian dishes (rice with peas, similar to risotto) which I actually love. However their pasta version was underwhelming. I understood the concept of wanting something lighter and fresher with the pea juice and pea tendrils but the dish felt very one note without any depth of flavor.

Risone with Mantis Shrimp and XO Sauce (9/10).

While the previous raviolo was disappointing, this risone dish was outstanding. Risone is actually a type of pasta shaped as rice and this was cooked risotto style. It was creamy and decadent and flavored with a XO sauce made from the mantis shrimp served with chicory and dollops of bottarga on top. A stunner of a dish.

Amberjack with Clams, Pine Nuts, and Salmon Roe (8/10).

Dry aged amberjack was perfectly cooked and served with asparagus, salty salmon roe, and sweet little clams.

Lamb with Tofu Cream and Loquat Marmalade (8/10). Lamb Rib and Lamb Heart Prosciutto in the Back (8.5/10).

The final savory course was lamb that had been dry aged in beeswax and also cooked in the beeswax which gave a sweet floral aroma. I especially liked the lamb rib and lamb heart prosciutto on the small plate for its intense flavor.

Pear Amakaze with Blue Cheese (7.5/10).

This was the most unique flavor combination of the night where pear was served with blue cheese and amazake, a Japanese drink made with rice and koji. It was slightly sweet, salty, and had a faint fermented taste.

Venere Rice with Banana and Amaro (8/10).

Venere rice, also known as brown rice, was made into a gelato served with a soft meringue flavored with amaro. I can’t exactly remember where the banana component was somehow all these contrasting flavors harmonized nicely.

Petit Fours.

It’s been awhile (for me) since I’ve had a fine dining meal so this was a treat and I enjoyed every moment of it. Since I never eat Venetian cuisine, it was fun to see creative takes on traditional dishes and they did a fantastic job of integrating the two. Therefore my rating is an 8/10.

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