Review: Dal Pescatore Santini.

Nestled in a sleepy town of Canneto sull’Oglio in the region of Lombardy, you’ll find one of the most recognized restaurants in all of Italy.

Dal Pescatore Santini is a renowned family run restaurant that has held three Michelin stars since 1996, longer than any other restaurant in the country. The kitchen has been run by chef Nadia Santini for decades making her the only female chef in Italy to have three Michelin stars. Badass. The restaurant’s history dates back to almost a century ago when Nadia’s husband’s grandparents opened a taverna in 1926 called Vino e Pesce where Antonio Santini would wait tables and his wife, Teresa Mazzi, would be in the kitchen. Later on, Antonio and Teresa handed down the taverna to their son Giovanni and his wife Bruna. Eventually, Giovanni and Bruna passed down the restaurant to their son Antonio and his wife Nadia and in 1970 the taverna was renamed Dal Pescatore Santini.

Before our lunch, we got a quick tour of the beautiful restaurant and the luscious outdoor gardens. The family actually lives in one of the houses that faces the garden.

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