Lake Garda.

One of the most picturesque destinations in Italy is Lake Garda with stunning sparkling waters and numerous beautiful towns along the shoreline.

Lake Garda is actually the largest lake in terms of surface area in the country and spans into three regions: Veneto, Lombardy, and Trentino Alto Adige. Before heading to our hotel, we stopped by one of the most notable and upscale towns, Sirmione.

The most well-known attraction of this town is Castello Scaligero which happens to be one of the country’s best preserved castles.

Once crossing the bridge of the castle, you’ll enter into the historic city center. We walked through the entire city center and once we made it to the end, you’ll discover Jamaica Beach. We didn’t stay at the beach very long since it was quite crowded and headed back to our car.

Once we arrived in Salò, we checked into Hotel Laurin where the hotel is a wonderful example of art nouveau with frescos. The swimming pool is surrounded by the enchanted gardens giving the hotel property a majestic elegant feel.

Since we had lunch at Dal Pescatore Santini earlier that day, we skipped dinner that night and had a relaxing evening in.

The following day we started off with complimentary breakfast at the hotel before our excursion.


We walked through the quaint town of Salò before our meeting point for our guided tour.

We had a guided tour to Isola di Garda where we took a boat from the nearest port from our hotel. According to Wikipedia “The island has a long and varied history, having been used as a Roman burial ground, pirate lair, a site for a Franciscan monastery, border fortification, and as a residential villa.” Everything from the gardens to the actual residential villa was gorgeous.

After our tour we relaxed at the hotel swimming pool all afternoon before our evening plans.

We headed to Gardone Riveria for our dinner reservation at Lido 84 Ristorante where we had a fantastic dinner along the lake. A great way to end our time here.

While our stay Lake Garda was short, it was awesome exploring somewhere new. The lake views were unbelievable and with so many towns around the lake, it’s definitely a place worth revisiting.

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