Review: No. 9 Park.

The fourth night in Boston, we dined with my father’s friends and their two daughters at chef Barbara Lynch’s restaurant No. 9 Park.

Before dinner, we sipped on two kinds of Champagne at one of his daughter’s apartment, which overlooks the Boston Common (amazing view).

They chose No. 9 Park since it’s walking distance from her apartment making it very convenient. The restaurant is slightly old school French/Italian cuisine offering two menus, a three course prix-fixe or the chef’s tasting menu. We decided to try the chef’s tasting menu and added a few of the supplementary courses.

Buckwheat Crepe stuffed with Smoked Salmon Rillette with Caviar and Crème Fraîche (6/10).

The dinner started off with the smoked salmon rillette, the weakest dish of the night. The buckwheat crepe was underwhelming and the smoked salmon rillette filling lacked flavor resulting in an overall under seasoned dish.

Spanish Carabineros with Hazelnut Romesco and Ramp (7/10).

The Spanish carabineros, prawns, were decent but I wasn’t crazy about the flavor combinations. Also the fried prawn head was soggy, not nearly as crispy and crunchy as it should be.

Goat Cheese Agnolotti with English Peas and Ham Hock (8.5/10).

The agnolotti was without a doubt my favorite dish of the night. Pillowy dumplings filled with creamy tangy goat cheese served with vibrant English peas and meaty unctuous pieces of ham hock. Really delicious.

Prune stuffed Gnocchi with Foie Gras, Vin Santo, and Almond (6.5/10).

Next, the prune filled gnocchi wasn’t quite up to par since the prune flavor overpowered the foie gras, almond, and vin santo.

Hudson Valley Foie Gras with Duck Confit, Honey Whole Wheat Toast, and Cabbage (7/10).

The Hudson Valley foie gras was cooked nicely and served over a crunchy honey whole wheat toast and topped with pickled cabbage which cut through the richness of the foie gras.

Poussin with Asparagus, Green Peppercorn, and Mashed Potato (8/10).

The poussin, a fancy term for chicken, was another highlight of the dinner. The poussin was moist and juicy served with velvety mashed potatoes and asparagus.

Colorado Wagyu Beef Babette with Artichoke, Green Garlic, and Bone Marrow (6.5/10).

The last savory dish was another letdown for me. The Colorado wagyu beef bavette lacked flavor and seasoning and the accompaniments were mediocre.

Mascarpone Cheese Chiboust with Blood Orange Sorbet, Graham Cracker Crumble, and Rhubarb (7.5/10).

The meal ended on a better note with dessert. The Mascarpone cheese chiboust was a creamy mousse on top a graham cracker crumble served with tangy sweet rhubarb and refreshing blood orange sorbet.

Petit Fours.

Even though there were a few dishes I enjoyed, I felt like that meal as a whole wasn’t up to par in comparison to the price since some of the dishes lacked necessary flavor. Therefore my rating is a 6.5-7/10.

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