Review: The Star.

I was craving some bomb ass pizza the other night but didn’t want to venture too far from home. I’ve been to a lot of the restaurants near my house so I wanted to find a place I hadn’t tried before and I stumbled upon The Star on Grand Avenue in Oakland.

At The Star, they have thin crust and deep dish pizza. Since Tommy isn’t a fan of deep dish, we ordered a thin crust large pizza (yes we did eat it all). They also have a huge list of ingredients that you can add to any of the pizzas.

Tuna Salad (6/10).

The Tribune Pizza (8/10).

Yerba Buena Pizza (9/10).

The tribune had no tomato sauce but garlic infused olive oil, ham, Ricotta cheese, and bacon. And who doesn’t love bacon?! The yerba buena had tomato sauce, sausage, onions, mushrooms, Provolone cheese, and black olives. I also added fresh basil and roasted garlic to that and sometimes restaurants are skimpy when it comes to extra toppings but they didn’t disappoint. The roasted garlic addition was incredible, like seriously the best topping ever. Both pizzas were so delicious!

I highly recommend coming here if you’re in the mood for pizza. Overall, I’d rate them at an 8/10.

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