Review: Tuba Restaurant.

Good food, sizable portions, and great service? Tuba Restaurant in San Francisco hits all three marks!

As much as I love my Californian cuisine, Asian food, and Mexican food, I was in need of some Mediterranean cuisine. For some reason, I rarely eat Turkish food even though it’s so fresh and delicious (read about my Istanbul trip here). Tuba Restaurant is the perfect place for a casual quick dinner with good food and super friendly service. Their menu has a lot of options including tons of vegetarian choices.

Cold Mezes Platter (8/10).

Sigara Böreği: Phyllo Dough stuffed with Potatoes and Feta Cheese (7/10).

Adana Kebab: Skewered Spicy Ground Beef and Lamb with Rice and Vegetables (8/10).

All the cold mezes sounded delicious so we decided to try the mixed meze platter so we could taste them all. The cold mezes included: dolma (grape leaves stuffed with rice and pine nuts); puréed eggplant with red pepper; hummus; white bean salad with onions and tomato; walnut and red pepper spread with cumin; cucumber with mint and yogurt; pan fried eggplant with zucchini and bell peppers; and spinach yogurt spread all served with homemade flatbread. Everything, and I mean everything, was super tasty and I loved that it was all vegetarian. We also got one hot meze, the phyllo dough stuffed with potatoes and Feta cheese, which was good but I preferred the cold mezes. The only meat dish we ordered was the Adana kebab which was extremely flavorful with various spices served with rice and vegetables.

If you’re craving yummy Turkish food then I would give Tuba Restaurant a try for authentic eats. Overall I’d rate them at a 7.5-8/10.

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