Review: Theorita.

One of the biggest openings earlier this year in San Francisco was the Italian hotspot Che Fico. When I learned about their sister restaurant in the works, I was more than intrigued.

One of the best dishes I tried at Che Fico was their phenomenal rhubarb crostata so I was excited to hear about their concept at Theorita, a hip dinette and bakery open all day which opened late summer. Located underneath Che Fico, the bakery offers a variety of beautiful homemade pies and pastries. The diner offers a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu that’s simple and straightforward if you’re in the mood for something savory. Of course I wanted to try savory dishes as well as some of chef Angela Pinkerton’s amazing baked goods. Service is fast casual where you order at the front, receive a number, and find yourself a table or bar seating. Once your food is ready, they’ll bring it to you.

Various Pastries and Pies.

More Goodies.

Theorita Burger with Cheddar Cheese, Special Sauce, and Onion Two Ways on Potato Bun (7.5/10).

A pretty solid and tasty burger. I liked the addition of onions two ways: caramelized and raw which had a nice contrast of sweetness and sharpness. The potato bun was delicious but easily got soggy and became messy. While I respect the simplicity of the burger, I typically like more toppings such as bacon, tomato, and avocado.

Fried Chicken Sandwich with Shredded Green Cabbage and Homemade Sriracha (8/10).

Crispy juicy fried chicken was smothered in a spicy asian inspired cabbage slaw in between two beautifully browned buns. It had just the right amount of heat from the chili and sriracha without being overpowering.

JoJo’s Spiced Steak Fries with Za’atar, Sumac, and Black Garlic Mayonnaise (7.5/10).

Unique fries to say the least. Typically I like the shape of normal fries versus steak fries but I enjoyed the creativity of these sumac and za’atar spiced fries. The black garlic mayonnaise was good but could have used more intense black garlic flavor.

French Fries with Cultured Butter (8/10).

Butter with fries?! It was definitely a first for me but I didn’t mind it. The cultured butter was tangy and delicious but I think I’ll stick with bread and butter together instead.

Plum and Fig Oatmeal Crumble à la Mode (9/10).

The star of the show and what chef Pinkerton is known for…her pies! Fantastic in every way. Crispy flaky crust, warm sweet juicy fruit, and silky smooth ice cream right on top. A perfect combination.

Goodies to Go.

Of course I had to get a bunch of amazing pastries and sweets to go!

Blackberry and Cream Pie (7.5/10), Bourbon Chocolate Walnut Pie (8/10), Passionfruit and Bay Leaf Meringue Pie (8/10), and Apple Berry Crumble (9/10).

Once again her pies didn’t disappoint. My favorite was the apple berry crumble but I’m biased since I love any type of fruit dessert.

Pecan Sticky Bun (9/10), Chocolate Chip Cookie (8.5/10), Peanut Butter Banana Cookie (8.5/10), and Scallion Swirl (7.5/10).

The sticky bun was addictive, a must get! Both the chocolate chip cookie and peanut butter banana cookie were bomb. The scallion swirl pastry was a little underwhelming as the scallion flavor was subtle.

Theorita is such a cute diner with friendly staff and awesome pastries and pies. Without a doubt, the showstopper are the pies and if you love pie as much as I do, you must come here! They also accept pie and pastry preorders which is pretty dope if you’re thinking of getting a large quantity. Overall, Theorita is an 8-8.5/10.

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