Review: Dumpling Time.

One of the hottest new openings comes from the same owners of two already successful restaurants in San Francisco.I’ve dined at both of their establishments, Michelin starred restaurant Omakase and their casual sushi bar Okane, so I had to check out their newest addition called Dumpling Time.  Their menu obviously consists of various dumplings, Chinese and Japanese, and small plates.

Watching Fresh Dumplings Being Made.

Xiao Long Bao (7/10).

Xiao long baos, also known as soup dumplings, must have a thin wrapper with a juicy flavorful filling and these didn’t disappoint. Some of my favorite soup dumplings are from Yank Sing and these were almost as good as theirs. The vinegar dipping sauce needed more thin strands of ginger though.

Pork Gyoza (7/10) and Pork Bao (7/10).

The pork gyoza were good, not great, but still satisfied my gyoza cravings. Also the pork baos were nice with a fluffy bun with moist pork filling.

Har Gow (7/10).

Their version of har gow had shrimp with ginger and cilantro. Overall pretty tasty but nothing mind blowing.

Even though everything we tried was decent, I felt like the restaurant was trying to be too “trendy”. You could easily get these dishes at any dim sum restaurant so my rating is a 7/10.

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