Review: Delage.

From the same owners of AS B-Dama comes a new omakase style restaurant in downtown Oakland.

Delage, located right next to Swan’s Market where AS B-Dama is inside, is a quaint Japanese restaurant only featuring an omakase menu (8-10 courses for $65) that changes frequently. We sat at the sushi counter where we could watch the magic happen.

Amuse Bouche: Shiitake Mushroom with Kelp and Goji Berry (7/10).

The amuse bouche was a strange mix of ingredients that somehow came together. I especially liked the taste of the shiso leaf with pieces of kelp and goji berries that had a sweet sour flavor.

Cherry Tomato Salad with Apples, Yuzu Honey Foam, and Ume Shiso Pesto (7.5/10).

This simple cherry tomato salad was refreshing and crisp with raw radishes, sweet juicy apples, and a light frothy citrus foam. A nice way to start the meal.

Hata/Grouper Sashimi with Ponzu (7.5/10).

The sashimi course had slightly charred slices of meaty grouper with a dipping sauce of ponzu. The little spoon had garnishes that were meant to be added to the ponzu such as scallion and pickled cabbage.

Chutoro/Medium Fatty Tuna Nigiri (8.5/10), Hirame/Fluke Nigiri (8.5/10), Kamasu/Barracuda Nigiri (9/10), and Hamachi/Yellowtail Nigiri (9/10).

I’m a nigiri lover and each nigiri was meticulously prepared and garnished appropriately. My favorites were the slightly charred meaty barracuda and the buttery yellowtail nigiri.

Palate Cleanser.

Sweet Potato Sunomono with Persimmon and Cucumber (8/10).

A different take on sunomono, typically cucumber is used in this pickled salad, the various types of sweet potatoes added a richness and sweetness to the dish.

Seared Halibut with Pumpkin Seed Breadcrumbs and Smoked Miso Sauce (7.5/10).

The halibut was nicely cooked, still moist and tender, with various squash and zucchini pieces.

Maguro/Tuna Nigiri (8/10), Hotate/Scallop Nigiri (8/10), Shima Aji/Striped Horse Mackerel (8/10), Toro/Fatty Tuna Rice Bowl (9/10).

Another round of delicious nigiri that melted in my mouth. I especially loved the mini donburi of rice with fatty tuna and garnishes, unctuous and beyond flavorful.

Matsutake Mushroom Soup with Scallop (7/10).

Soup is typically served at the end of an omakase. It was simple yet comforting.

Matcha Honey Sherbet with Poached Apple, Strawberry Coulis, and Ginger Wafer (7/10).

I love matcha so this way right up my alley. A simple yet flavorful dessert to end a pleasant meal.

I was actually surprised how full I was considering the majority of the dishes were vegetable or seafood based. I think Delage is a good deal for an omakase at $65 so my rating is a 7.5-8/10.

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