Review: Monsieur Benjamin 2.0.

I first visited Monsieur Benjamin (read my review here) back in March and absolutely loved it. Classic French bistro food in a hip atmosphere, how can you go wrong with that?

My first experience at Monsieur Benjamin was fantastic and once again they didn’t disappoint. Since I’ve dined at Monsieur Benjamin before, I wanted to try other dishes from their menu. The only problem is that their menu is pretty extensive and everything, and I mean everything, sounds delicious. I started off with a tasty cocktail called The Ace, slightly sweet from the Calvados and honey with a touch of tartiness from the lemon and woodiness from the fresh rosemary.

The Ace: Rye, Calvados, Sloe Gin, Honey, Lemon, Rosemary (8.5/10).

Steak Tartare with Egg Yolk and Pissaladiere Lavash (8/10).

The steak tartare, which I had before, was a classic tartare with shallots, capers, fresh herbs, and a creamy egg yolk fudge that added great richness to the dish.

Chicken Wings Persillade with Parsley Breadcrumbs (8/10).

The chicken wings came out smoking hot; crispy skin with crunchy parsley breadcrumbs and a cooling creamy dipping sauce.

Seafood Sausage with Pine Nuts and Beurre Rosé (8/10).

The seafood sausage was beautifully made, slightly pan fried on the outside and moist in the inside served with a scrumptious butter sauce seasoned with rosé. The main courses were also delectable.

Arctic Char Amandine with Haricot Verts, Sunchoke, and Beurre Noisette (8.5/10).

The Arctic char was flaky with a crunchy almond crust with vibrant haricot verts and another butter sauce flavored with earthy sunchokes.

Steak Frites: Ribeye, Sauce Choron, and Herb Jus (8/10).

The steak frites, a classic simple yet yummy dish, was super satisfying; tender medium rare steak with a great caramelized crust served with french fries.

Palmier Ice Cream with Calvados Caramel (8.5/10).


Gâteau Marjolaine with Hazelnut Praline and Crème Anglaise (8.5/10).

We ordered the same desserts as we did before because they were stellar the last time. If you ever come to Monsieur Benjamin you must order the palmier ice cream and the gâteau marjolaine! Divine.

If you’re ever craving solid French bistro food then Monsieur Benjamin is the right place for you. Therefore, my overall rating is an 8.5/10 again.

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