Review: Poppy’s Bagels.

Bagels are easily one of my favorite foods so I was excited to hear about a new spot opening up in Oakland.

Boichik Bagels was the only higher end quality bagel spot in the neighborhood and it looks like they have major competition now with Poppy’s Bagels. I waited a few months after their opening for the hype to die down and when I visited it was a little busy on a Saturday morning but the line moved quickly. They specialize in open faced style sandwiches from classic toppings to seasonal creations. In terms of bagels, they offer plain, everything, sesame, poppy, garlic, onion, and salt & pepper. Their cream cheese flavors include plain, scallion, jalapeño, black truffle, and chivey lemony lox. Everything on their menu sounded delicious and we decided to try an array to share with some friends.

I can’t remember which bagels we got for which sandwich but I know we tried an everything bagel, a garlic bagel, and a salt & pepper bagel.

“Truffle Honey”.

This was one of the favorites amongst the group. The black truffle cream cheese paired with the local honey was a sublime combination. Soooo good.


Of course I had to try their smoked salmon with plain cream cheese, red onion, capers, chives, dill, and fresh lemon. It’s a classic for good reason.


The “basic” was anything but basic. Scallion cream cheese, juicy sweet tomatoes, red onion, and chives made for a vibrant topping for the bagel. So fresh.

“Spicy & Sweet”.

The last bagel had jalapeño serrano cream cheese and a drizzle of local honey. Loved the contrast of the subtle heat and sweetness.

I was honestly impressed with all of their open faced sandwiches. The bagels themselves had a beautiful exterior crust and I loved all the various topping options that they offered. In terms of bagel selection, Boichik Bagels does have a larger variety of flavors and some of their toppings include sweet selections too. Regardless, Poppy’s Bagels are scrumptious and are worth a visit!

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