Review: Edith’s Pie.

During the height of the pandemic, pop-ups and takeout were the only way food businesses could even operate and that’s when I discovered Edith’s Pie.

Mike started off his business Edith’s Pie, named after his mother, out of his apartment complex. I discovered him on social media where he would post his weekly pie flavors for pickup for the weekend. It was a smaller operation since he was making all the pies from scratch at home and you had to buy the whole pie (not slices). Looking back at 2020, I ordered from him four times and tried a variety of flavors: apricot & blackberry pie, stone fruit pie, apple pie, and pecan pie. Fast forward to April 2023 and he officially has a brick and mortar café in downtown Oakland!

At the café you can buy either entire pies or just slices of pie which is a great option if you want to try several flavors. They also have quiche, savory hand pies, pot pies (only to go), and a salad and soup option. The café is relatively small but they have an upstairs seating area where you can enjoy your goodies if you’re not taking everything to go.

Pie Display Case (All Goodies Are Not Shown).

Chocolate Chess Pie, Lemon Meringue Pie, and “World Famous Scribble” Pie.

We tried three flavors of pie: lemon meringue, chocolate chess, and their “world famous scribble”. I love a classic lemon meringue pie with its mouth puckering tartness and pillowy sweet mounds of meringue piled high. Chocolate chess is something I typically wouldn’t go for and I really enjoyed it as the filling reminded me of a fudgy brownie. The “world famous scribble” had a brown butter gooey interior studded with walnuts and chocolate and reminded me of a pecan pie with its chewy interior.

If you’re a pie lover, you have to check out Edith’s Pie especially since my other favorite pie shop, Pie Society, is no longer open!

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