Review: Cookiebar Scoop Shop.

I can’t pass up a good offer especially when food is involved.

One of the best Facebook groups I”ve joined this past year is Bay Area Eats (BAE) with over 50K members where restaurants, small business owners, and foodies discuss all things food related within the Bay Area. When I saw this post from Cookiebar Scoop Shop, a local ice cream pop-up about their pint deal, I couldn’t pass up the offer! They are a small family run business creating artisanal unique ice cream flavors. They typically do their pop-up on the weekends inside Spinning Bones in Alameda.

BAE Posting.

Since the deal was buy two pints and get one free, I ended up buying four pints and getting two free since someone in my household really loves ice cream…


Both flavors that were sold out (birthday cake and calamansi) were definitely flavors I would have loved to try but there were still lots of options to choose from. I wanted to get a variety of flavors and even got a few that I typically wouldn’t have as the cashier gave me some suggestions.

The Lineup.

The Lineup.

Milo (8.5-9/10), Orange Cream (8/10), and Biscoff Cookie Chocolate Fudge (9/10).

The milo was chocolate and malt ice cream with milk chocolate chips and toffee bits. Super creamy and milky. The orange cream was Madagascar vanilla ice cream with an orange cream swirl, basically like orange sherbet, which is something different than I would typically get but I enjoyed it. The biscoff cookie chocolate fudge had a biscoff (cookie butter) ice cream base with biscoff crumbs and a drizzle of chocolate fudge. Decadent and delicious.

Hong Kong Milk Tea (8-8.5/10), Matcha Oreo (8-8.5/10), and Circus Animal Cookies (7.5-8/10).

The Hong Kong milk tea was black tea ice cream with condensed milk. It had a subtle pleasant tea flavor with just a touch of sweetness. The matcha oreo ice cream used premium matcha and that earthy flavor really came through. The oreos added a nice crunch. Lastly, the circus animal cookies ice cream had pieces of the circus animal cookies and a rainbow sprinkles which was something I would also never get but was a fun addition.

Since Cookiebar Scoop Shop’s pints are a little pricier than your typical pint, I’m glad I got to try their flavors when they were having a pint deal. These small batch fun ice cream flavors are definitely worth a try so I’d rate them at an 8-8.5/10.

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