Review: Breadbelly.

An eclectic mix of delicious baked goods can be found at newly opened bakery, Breadbelly.

Opened by one of my former coworkers, Breadbelly is an Asian inspired bakery located in the Richmond district in San Francisco. I had gone to one of their pop-ups last year and enjoyed all their various baked specialties so I had to check out their brick and mortar location.

Kaya Toast (9/10).

One of Breadbelly’s signature dishes is the kaya toast, not to be missed. It’s a popular snack in Singapore and Malaysia where the spread on top is made from sugar, coconut milk, pandan (a tropical plant), and eggs. The homemade toasted milk bread is fluffy yet has a nice crispy exterior and topped with that creamy sweet coconut jam. So good.

Gyeran Bbang: Korean Style Bun with Sweet Corn, Chili, Soft Egg, Scallion, and Cheddar.

Since I’m not a fan of eggs, Tommaso ate all of this one. He said it was similar to cornbread in flavor and texture and the soft egg is the middle was a delicious component.

Char Siu Sandwich: Roasted Pork, Char Siu Glaze, Boy Choy, and Cucumber on Milk Bread (9/10).

Another favorite at Breadbelly is this bomb sandwich…do not skip this! The soft homemade bread with meaty slices of pork with a sweet sticky glaze goes perfectly with fresh crisp cucumbers and red onions.

Anko Sticky Bun (8/10), Persimmon Satsuma Almond Cookies (8.5/10), and “Not Ube” Tart (9/10).

I loved the twist on a traditional sticky bun by using anko, red beans, to give a totally new take on this classic favorite. My only criticism was that the middle was a tad dry. The little almond cookies (tasted like marzipan) with the tart yet sweet persimmon satsuma jam were delicious little morsels. However, the highlight for me was the “not ube” tart. Ube is a purple yam that’s quite difficult to find here so they use purple sweet potato instead. The flaky crust with the sweet potato filling is topped with creamy meringue and finished with salted cured egg yolk. It might sound like a strange combination but the sweetness from the filling and the meringue goes really nicely with the salted egg yolk shavings.

Kare-Pan (9/10).

Another tasty snack that I highly recommend is the kare-pan. Basically curry chicken is wrapped in dough and breadcrumbs and deep fried. The filling was so tasty and flavorful and the outside was super crispy.

Of course I only tried a handful of tantalizing goodies at the bakery but everything I tasted, I thoroughly enjoyed so my rating is anĀ 8.5/10. I look forward to visiting again to try more tasty treats.

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