Review: Sushi Hon.

There’s definitely no shortage when it comes to quality sushi restaurants in San Francisco.

Sushi Hon, in the Mission, offers a reasonably priced omakase at $78 similar to Hinata’s omakase which I really enjoyed. They also have an à la carte menu with unusual Japanese fusion dishes such as coconut shrimp tempura and seafood marinara risotto. Since we sat at the sushi counter, we opted for the omakase menu.

Little Gem Salad with Fig, Tomato, and Huckleberries (8/10).

While this was a simple salad, everything was fresh and highlighted the impeccable quality of the produce. The creamy sesame dressing was divine, I could have slathered that on anything.

The next four dishes were nigiri sushi, all seasoned beautifully.

Amadai/Tile Fish Nigiri with Yuzu Kosho (8.5-9/10).

Shima Aji/Striped Jack Nigiri (8/10).

Kurodai/Black Sea Bream Nigiri with Fermented Barley Miso (8.5/10).

Kanpachi/Amberjack Nigiri (8/10).

Summer Squash Blossom Tempura with Kabocha Squash (8/10).

The crispy fried squash blossom was stuffed with rich kabocha squash and served with a warm dipping sauce. If only all tempura was this good.

The next four dishes were nigiri sushi again. The sake/salmon nigiri was some of the freshest fish I’ve tasted.

Aji/Horsemackerel Nigiri (8/10).

Hirame/Halibut Nigiri (8/10).

Akami/Lean Tuna Nigiri (9/10).

Sake/Wild King Salmon Nigiri (9/10).

Hokkaido Scallop with Foie Gras and Rose Gel (8-8.5/10).

A perfectly seared scallop was topped with unctuous foie gras, a heavenly bite together. The english pea sauce was a vibrant addition.

The last three dishes were a few more nigiri sushi. The slightly torched kamasu/barracuda was definitely a highlight.

Saba/Mackerel with White Kelp (8-8.5/10).

Kamasu/Barracuda Nigiri with Fermented Pepper (9/10).

Iwashi/Sardine Nigiri (8/10).

We were given the option of adding any other nigiri before ending the omakase. I added a few of my favorites that always hit the spot.

Supplement: Kinmedai/Golden Eye Snapper Nigiri (9/10).

Supplement: Chutoro/Medium Fatty Tuna Nigiri (9/10).

Supplement: Muke Hotate/Scallop Nigiri (9/10).

Supplement: A5 Wagyu Nigiri (9/10).

All the nigiri were exceptionally delicious and I definitely could have eaten more but quality sushi ain’t cheap.

Spicy Shiro Duck Miso with White Beech Mushrooms (8/10).

Omakase usually ends with some sort of soup and this duck flavored miso was umami at its finest. Warm and comforting.


I’m not a fan of tamago so I ended up giving mine to my mom.

Cheesecake with Blood Orange and Strawberry (8/10).

I wouldn’t necessarily call this a cheesecake but more of a whipped cheese cream with a blood orange sauce underneath and strawberry on top. It was a delicate bite to end a delightful menu.

Sushi Hon’s omakase is one of the more affordable ones in the city and all the dishes were delicious. That being said, there was less food than some of the other omakase restaurants. I’m intrigued to try their à la carte menu for some of their appetizers and larger dishes that showcase fun Japanese fusion cuisine. Therefore my rating is an 8/10.

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