Review: Louie’s Gen-Gen Room.

Once you have a successful popular restaurant in San Francisco where people line up before you open your doors, it’s just more incentive to open up a spinoff.

That’s exactly what the team behind Liholiho Yacht Club did who are known for their amazingly delicious Hawaiian inspired beef tongue buns and house made spam. Downstairs Liholiho Yacht Club lies Louie’s Gen-Gen Room, a funky retro themed bar where you can sample some awesome boozy cocktails and snack on some tasty bites. Their food menu is limited but enticing and can easily provide a full meal or just a quick snack.

A Few Cocktails to Start. Left: Stardust (Dartigalongue Armagnac, Ginger, Pineapple, and Lemon), Right: The General (Nikka Pure Malt, Carpano Antica, and Cynar).

Whole Lobster with Avocado, Little Gem Salad, and House Made Potato Chips (8/10).

Meaty sweet morsels of lobster tossed in a creamy dressing with tons of avocado, what could be better?! The little gem salad was also scrumptious with tarragon and the home made chips were on point.

Melted Brie Cheese with Apples, Spiced Almonds, Padron Jelly, and Persimmon Jam (7.5/10).

Anything with cheese I’m always down for especially when it’s ooey gooey and melty. The padron jelly added nice heat since both the raw crisp apples and persimmon jam were sweet.

Beef Tartare with Cashews, Toasted Coconut, and Crispy Vermicelli (8/10).

I loved the Thai inspired beef tartare that was dressed with a lime fish sauce vinaigrette. The fresh mint, toasted coconut, cashews, and crunchy vermicelli noodles added layers of flavor and texture.

Beef Tartare Once Mixed.

Bone Marrow Waffle with Smoked Sturgeon, Avocado Green Goddess Dressing, Fennel, and Everything Spice (8/10).

This was pretty freakin’ good. The waffle itself was airy and moist with a great crust topped with smoked sturgeon slices, creamy rich avocado green goddess dressing, and raw shavings of fennel. Definitely get this.

Waffle with Taleggio Cheese, Black Truffle, and Honey (8/10).

Once again anything with cheese I’m into it. I love Taleggio cheese for its funky robust flavor and creamy mouthfeel and it just goes so well with honey and thinly shaved black truffle.

Overall, I loved the concept of Louie’s Gen-Gen Room for cocktails and snacks. While I do enjoy the food upstairs a bit more, I think Louie’s Gen-Gen Room is worth checking out so my rating is a 7.5-8/10.

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