Review: Okane.

Okane is a new izakaya restaurant in San Francisco from the same team behind the high end sushi restaurant Omakase where I dined earlier this year.

Located right next to Omakase, Okane is casual and serves all types of Japanese foods from vegetable/fish/meat ippin, rice and noodles, and sushi.

Lotus Root Chips with Wasabi Mayonnaise (6/10).

Spinach with Sesame Mousse (8/10).

Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura (7/10).

Toriteba Karaage: Chicken Wings with Shiso Salt and Spicy Mayonnaise (8.5/10).

We started off with all the small vegetable, fish, and meat ippins. While the lotus root chips tasted delicious, they were probably fried too far in advance and almost had a stale texture. The wasabi mayonnaise was creamy with a nice kick that complimented the natural sweetness of the lotus root. The spinach was simply blanched and served with a thinly sliced piece of lime and an airy light sesame mousse. Really yummy. The shrimp and vegetable tempura had a coating that was a little thicker than I typically like but I loved the addition of avocado tempura.

Umi Masu/Ocean Trout Nigiri (8.5/10) and Hamachi/Yellowtail Nigiri (8/10).

Hotate/Scallop Nigiri (9/10) and Kinmedai/Golden Eye Snapper Nigiri (9/10).

Hokkaido Uni/Sea Urchin Nigiri (9/10) and Unagi/Freshwater Eel Nigiri (8/10).

Out of all the nigiri sushi, my favorites were the kinmedai/golden eye snapper (slightly fatty and buttery and lightly torched), hotate/scallop, and Hokkaido uni/sea urchin.

Shibuya Roll: Avocado, Shiso, and Tobiko topped with Salmon and Lemon (8/10).

The shibuya roll was very simple but delicious (I’m not a fan of over the top rolls) with avocado, shiso leaf, tobiko (flying fish roe), salmon, and refreshing lemon.

Okane Handroll: Salmon Skin, Uni, Ikura, and Shiso (9/10).

One of the best bites of the night was the okane handroll. Crispy salmon skin, creamy sweet sea urchin, salty pops of ikura (salmon roe), and herbaceous shiso leaf.

Overall everything was tasty so my rating is an 8/10.

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