Review: b. patisserie.

I finally tried one of San Francisco’s most popular bakeries, b. patisserie located in Pacific Heights.

First off, b. patisserie has so many options from all types of pastries, mini desserts, and even open faced sandwiches. It’s the perfect breakfast/lunch place if you’re craving both sweet and savory dishes. They even have b. on the go across the street serving more complex sandwiches, salads, and soups if you strictly want savory lunch items.

Mini Key Lime Tart (8.5/10).

I’m a sucker for key lime tart and their mini version was the perfect amount to get my fix. Sweet tart creamy lemon curd with a buttery crust with fluffy brûléed meringue. So good.

Passionfruit Rostock (7.5/10), Cheese Scone (6.5/10), Ham and Cheese Croissant (8.5/10), Chocolate Kouign Amann (8.5/10), and Kouign Amann Nature (9/10).

As for the pastries, there were so many to choose from but we tried a nice selection of savory and sweet items. The bostock, a French delicacy using old brioche, was flavored with passionfruit (one of my favorite types of fruit) topped with slivered almonds and powered sugar. While it was delicious, it was a tad bit dry. The cheese scone was the weakest of the pastry items most likely because they are naturally very dense and dry and the cheese flavor wasn’t as prominent as I would have liked. The ham and cheese croissant was bomb; crispy, buttery, and meaty. Both the kouign amanns were outstanding but I prefer the plain version over the chocolate (they even had a strawberry jam flavor). We even got a chocolate fudge cookie to go and if you’re a chocolate fan, you’d love this.

Overall I liked the majority of the items and I would love to try more of their pastries so my rating is an 8.5/10. Other favorite bakeries in the city include Tartine Bakery and Café, Arsicault Bakery, and Mr. Holmes Bakehouse.

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