Review: An Japanese Restaurant.

My quest to find the best sushi in San Francisco is never ending. If you’ve been craving traditional good quality nigiri sushi and sashimi then check out An Japanese Restaurant before people find out about this new hidden gem.

Located in Japantown, this tiny restaurant offers three types of omakases ($50, $75, and $80) or an à la carte menu. You won’t find any crazy rolls with tons of toppings drenched in sauces here so if that’s your thing then this isn’t the right spot for you. We tried the $75 omakase where we received one zensai (appetizer), 12 pieces of nigiri sushi, and soup. We also added a few nigiri sushi off the à la carte menu because I couldn’t help myself! 🙂

Sushi Counter.

Zensai: Spinach with Sesame Seeds (7.5/10) and Ankimo with Shrimp and Black Truffle Ponzu Jelly (8/10).

The zensai, or the opening appetizer, was a fantastic way to start the omakase. The cooked spinach was vibrant and dressed in a creamy light sauce topped with sesame seeds. The spoon was filled with all sorts of goodies; creamy rich ankimo (monkfish liver, basically foie gras of the sea) was on the bottom topped with sweet raw shrimp, a black truffle ponzu jelly, and bitter microgreens.

Close Up of the Ankimo and Shrimp.

Akamutsu/Japanese Small Grouper Nigiri (8/10).

Kinmedai/Golden Eye Snapper Nigiri (8.5/10).

Umi Masu/Arctic Char Nigiri (8.5/10).

Hotate/Scallop Nigiri (7.5/10).

Mirugai/Giant Clam Nigiri (8/10).

Iwashi/Sardine Nigiri (8/10).

Kamasu/Japanese Barracuda Nigiri with Citrus Salt (8/10).

Katsuo/Bonito Tuna Nigiri with Ginger Ponzu (7.5/10).

Uni/Sea Urchin Nigiri (9/10).

Kawahagi/Sail Filefish Nigiri with Liver (8/10).

Kanpachi/Amberjack Nigiri (8/10).

Kanburo/Japanese Amberjack (7/10).

Toro/Fatty Tuna Nigiri (8.5/10).

Amaebi/Sweet Shrimp Nigiri (8/10).

Fried Amaebi Heads.

Anago/Sea Eel Nigiri (8.5/10).

Wagyu Beef Nigiri (8/10)

The other courses were all nigiri sushi, each varying in taste (sweetness/saltiness), texture (firm, crunchy, tender), and fattiness.

Clear Soup with Mushroom and Tofu (7/10).

The meal ended with a clear soup, very comforting, almost acting like a palate cleanser.

An Japanese Restaurant has a pretty large selection of types of fish so it’s perfect for adventurous eaters. I love having an omakase menu because I get to try numerous types of fish that are not only seasonal but also perhaps uncommon. Overall my rating is an 8/10.

So was An Japanese Restaurant worth it? I’d say so if you’re into trying new types of fish and truly enjoy nigiri sushi. However, my experience at Wako was even better so I’d also give that a shot. My other favorite high end sushi joints in the city include Kusakabe, Akiko’s Restaurant, and ICHI Sushi + NI Bar.

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