Review: Tanpopo.

One of my fondest childhood memories is going to Japantown in San Francisco with my mother and eating a comforting bowl of scrumptious ramen.

I’ve been going to Tanpopo for as long as I can remember and the food is always satisfying. Not only do they have over 20 kinds of ramen but also sushi, yakisoba or yakiudon, rice dishes with meat or seafood, and tons of appetizers. Also whenever I go here I have to order gyoza, my absolute favorite!

Ikura/Salmon Roe Nigiri (8/10).

Unagi/Eel Nigiri (8.5/10).

Surprisingly both the nigiri were pretty delicious. I love fish roe and typically I order tobiko (flying fish roe) nigiri so I decided to get ikura (salmon roe) for a change. The unagi (eel) nigiri was tender, sweet, and delicious.

Gyoza (9/10).

The gyoza (pork potstickers) are always on point. I typically prefer Japanese potstickers over Chinese potstickers because the dumpling dough is thinner and more delicate with a super crunchy crisp bottom.

Miso Ramen (8.5/10).

Of course I had to order ramen since it was the reason for coming to Tanpopo. We ordered miso ramen which comes with miso broth, noodles, ground pork, chashu pork, and vegetables. Traditional ramen flavors are either shoyu (soy sauce) and shio (salt) which are both delicious as well.

Katsu Curry with Pork Cutlet (8.5/10).

Lastly, we ordered Japanese curry, a childhood favorite of mine. Most people don’t know Japanese curry compared to Indian or Thai curries but it’s so comforting and tasty. Typically Japanese curry has pieces of potatoes, carrots, and onions all stewed in a sweet yet slightly spicy curry served with white rice. Their curry comes with either chicken or pork cutlet which is breaded with panko and then fried. So good.

Perhaps I love Tanpopo for nostalgic reasons but I always find the food extremely delicious and affordable so my overall rating is an 8.5/10.

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