Review: Shangri-La Vegan.

I know what you’re thinking…vegan food, really Vanessa? That’s exactly what I thought when Tommy suggested we try this vegan joint in Emeryville.

I know pretty much everyone’s New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier but we both really enjoy eating vegetables and were craving it after all the burritos and tacos we consumed during our San Diego trip.

At Shangri-La Vegan, you order either a large or medium sized portion of food which comes with a plate of various vegetables and brown rice. You also receive a bowl of their soup of the day.


Kidney Bean and Vegetable Soup (7/10).

Mixed Green Salad with Agave Dressing (7/10), Baked Kabocha Squash with Zucchini (7/10), Collard Greens with Shiitake Mushroom Leek Sauce (8/10), Garbanzo Beans with Onion and Garlic (8/10), and Brown Rice.

I was pleasantly surprised with the food at Shangri-La Vegan. The kidney bean and vegetable soup needed slightly more seasoning but we added some black pepper, cayenne pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil that amped up the flavor. The main plate of vegetables was actually really delicious. The mixed green salad had a wonderful light agave dressing; the baked kabocha squash with zucchini and cabbages was hearty; the collard greens (my favorite) were tender and vibrant with a creamy earthy shiitake mushroom and leek sauce, and the stewed garbanzo beans with aromatics were super tasty.

Of course this restaurant isn’t for everyone but if you’re looking for yummy vegan food then I would recommend coming here! Therefore, my rating is a 7.5/10.

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  1. Jean says:

    You need to come eat with me on my Vegan SF adventures. Hoping first weekend of February fingers crossed! Prospective spot is Gracias Madre in the mission

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