San Miniato.

San Miniato, a cute countryside town located 40 minutes by train outside of Florence, is known for its truffle festival. Every November, the city hosts this fair where fresh white and black truffles are sold. Besides truffles, the festival has numerous stands selling everything from olive oil, Pecorino cheeses, honey, salumi, bread, chocolate, cakes, and much more.

When I visited this past November, Tommaso and I ate lunch at a wonderful restaurant called Papaveri e Papere.

Beef Tartare with White Truffle.

Beef Tartare with Rouille and White Truffles (7.5/10).

Tuscan "Burrito"

Tuscan Style “Burrito” (7.5/10)

Pick Pasta with Deer and Mixed Vegetables.

Pici with Deer and Mixed Vegetables (7/10).

Tagliatelle Pasta with Red Mullet, Pistachios, and Sun Dried Tomatoes.

Tagliatelle with Red Mullet, Pistachios, and Sun Dried Tomatoes (7/10).

Pork with White Truffle, Celery Root, and Onions.

Pork with White Truffles, Celery Root, and Onions (6.5/10).

Apple Cake with Ice Cream.

Apple Cake with Ice Cream (6/10).

Cannoli stuffed with Cream with Fresh Fruit.

Cannoli stuffed with Cream with Fresh Fruit (7/10).

Eating at Ristorante Papaveri e Papere was a splendid way to spend an afternoon. First, the restaurant is surrounded by the beautiful countryside of Tuscany setting the perfect ambience. The food was delightful, all very fresh and flavorful. The Tuscan style burrito filled with chicken and vegetables is a must if you go there! I also enjoyed the beef tartare with truffles (can’t go wrong with that) and both of the pasta dishes.

The service was also very friendly, even the chef came to each table to greet the customers. Overall, I would rate my experience here a 7/10 since it was really enjoyable.

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