Turin, the capital of the Piedmont region in Italy, might be known as the home for the FIAT car company but this city is also rich in culture. I had been to Piedmont the year before when I visited the small town of Alba so I was enthusiastic to visit the capital. So in 2014 I spent a weekend here exploring the city!

Main Piazza in Turin.

Main Piazza in Turin.

Al Bicerin, Great Coffee Shop!

Al Bicerin, Great Coffee Shop!

The Famous Bicerin Drink: Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Cream.

The Famous Bicerin Drink: Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Cream.

Goodies Sold at Al Bicerin.

Goodies Sold at Al Bicerin.

Our first night we dined at Tre Galline Restaurant serving delicious Piedmontese cuisine.

Tre Galline Restaurant Serving Delicious Piedmontese Cuisine.

Vitello Tonnato.

Amuse Bouche: Vitello Tonnato.

House-made Ricotta with Fresh Vegetables.

House-made Ricotta with Fresh Vegetables (7/10).

Vegetables with Bagna Cauda.

Vegetables with Bagna Cauda (7/10).

Beef Tartare.

Beef Tartare (7/10).


Agnolotti (8/10).

Braised Beef Cheek with Mashed Potatoes.

Braised Beef Cheek with Mashed Potatoes (7.5-8/10).


Zabaione Custards (7/10).

Bonet (Chocolate Custard).

Bonet (Chocolate Custard), (7/10).

Overall I’d rate Ristorante Tre Galline at a 7.5/10 because everything was well executed for traditional Piedmontese cuisine.

The next day we headed to Mole Antonelliana to get a view of Turin and the cinema museum.

Mole Antonelliana.

Mole Antonelliana.

View of Turin.

View of Turin.

Hanging Out at the Cinema Museum.

Hanging Out at the Cinema Museum.

Cinema Museum Fun!

Cinema Museum Fun!


One of the main reasons we visited Turin was to dine at Combal.Zero, a two Michelin star restaurant in Rivoli (about 30 minutes outside of Turin). Chef Davide Scabin creates art on a plate with unique flavor combinations and innovative techniques. We decided to try the tasting menu.

Amuse Bouche.

Amuse Bouche.

Raw Beef with Modern Bagna Cauda and Beetroot Powder.

Raw Beef with Modern Bagna Cauda and Beetroot Powder (7.5/10).

Crispy Squid with Peas.

Crispy Squid with Peas (7.5/10).

Seafood Egg with Bell Pepper Foam.

Seafood Egg with Bell Pepper Foam (8/10).

Crispy Ravioli in Ham Broth.

Crispy Ravioli in Ham Broth (7/10).

Garden Vegetables with Brusca Sauce.

Garden Vegetables with Brusca Sauce (6/10).

Risotto with Ceviche and Bisque.

Risotto with Ceviche and Bisque (8.5-9/10).


“Zuppizza” (7/10).

Celery Root with Morel Mushroom.

Celery Root with Morel Mushroom (8.5-9/10).

Snapper and Quail.

Snapper and Quail (8/10).

Smoked Potato and Vegetables.

Smoked Potato and Vegetables (7.5/10).

Lamb Chop with Herb Crust and Potato Sauce.

Lamb Chop with Herb Crust and Potato Sauce (7.5-8/10).


Cheese Course.

Mango and Coffee.

Mango and Coffee (7/10).


Cheesecake (8/10).

Cream with Spices.

Cream with Spices (6/10).



Petit Fours.

Petit Fours.


After a Fantastic Meal!

Combal.Zero is located on top of a castle in Rivoli which creates the perfect backdrop for the restaurant. The food here was original and modernized traditional Italian cuisine. Some of my favorite dishes were the seafood egg, risotto with ceviche, celery root with morel mushroom, and the snapper and quail. The seafood egg had an amazing airy texture and paired beautifully with the bell pepper foam. The risotto with ceviche was served with tender pieces of seafood and a delicious broth that was rich in crustacean flavor. The celery root with morel mushroom was a divine vegetarian dish; the roasted celery root complimented the earthy morel mushroom perfectly. Lastly, the snapper with quail was a combination of ingredients I would never think of but worked harmoniously. Both proteins were cooked to tender perfection served with a cucumber “maki” (roll) and a scrumptious meat jus. Unfortunately we didn’t get to try some of chef Davide Scabin’s signature dishes because they were on the à la carte menu. His most well known dishes are cyber egg and breaded steak fillet. Combal.Zero has been one the most creative restaurants I have been to in Italy that served delectable and enticing food that also made you think. Therefore, my overall rating is a 7.5-8/10. If you’re up for trying innovative food then this is the restaurant for you.

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