Review: Galit.

In an unassuming spot in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, you’ll find some of the tastiest Middle Eastern cuisine with a refined touch.

Galit, a one Michelin starred restaurant, is offering some delicious riffs on Middle Eastern cuisine. Here you’ll find a prix fixe menu but with choices in each category and guests do not have to choose the same dish.



Bubbe’s Brisket Hummus and Pita with Various Spread and Condiments (8/10).

The first course included hummus (they had three options) and we picked “bubbe’s brisket” with smoky cinnamon braised brisket and stewed carrots on top of creamy hummus. This was served with warm pita and various small dishes that everyone receives: piyaz (white and green beans with spring onions), ezme (Turkish peppers with tomato, walnuts, and garlic), labneh (yogurt with sumac and hyssop), and pickles. A solid start.

Cucumber Salad with Galia Melon, Ramps, Schmaltz, and Gribenes (8/10).

I loved the sweet and savory combination of the refreshing strands of cucumbers with sweet juicy galia melon. Schmaltz and gribenes (chicken cracklings) rounded out the dish with richness and texture.

Iraqi Kubbeh Halab (9/10).

I’ve never heard of this dish but it’s reminiscent of Italian arancini, fried rice balls. These football shaped balls had a beautiful crispy saffron crust stuffed with lamb, golden raisins, and almonds. One of the favorites of the night.

Smoked Turkey Shawarma (7/10).

While the turkey was cooked nicely, I wasn’t crazy with the flavor combinations with the beet purée, plums, and chili.

Pastrami with Malawach (8/10).

This dish was described as “Armenian meets Lower East Side” and it was quite successful. The pastrami was tender and the radicchio salad had nuances of a classic caesar. loved the malawach (a type of flatbread) that has various layers and puff pastry. So good.

The prix fixe only includes one dessert to share among two but you know we’re dessert people so we ordered another.

Chocolate Tahini Mousse (8.5-9/10).

It’s hard not to like a chocolate dessert with a chewy brownie, silky chocolate tahini mousse, toasted meringue, and caramel whip.

Crispy Phyllo Pie (8.5/10).

I’m a sucker for any apple dessert so this was right up my alley with caramelized apples, candied walnuts, and sahlab (milk pudding).

We loved the casual atmosphere and the food was a hit so my rating is an 8/10.

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