Review: Lulu.

Who doesn’t look brunch?! Well, I happen to rarely go as very few popular restaurants take brunch reservations until I stumbled upon a new addition in Berkeley.

Lulu is a quaint restaurant coming from chef/owner Mona Leena who used to be the Executive Chef at Dyafa. Using her Palestinian background, her food is a beautiful representation of her culture’s food but with a strong Californian cuisine influence.

For brunch, they offer a seasonal mezze platter (an array of dishes meant to be shared) with a few add on dishes.

Brunch at Lulu.

Pomegranate & Key Lime Spritz, Lemon & Orange Blossom Spritz, and Tahini Caramel Cold Brew.

Both spritzes were super refreshing. We didn’t taste as much tahini or caramel in the cold brew as we would have liked though.

Mezze Brunch Platter.

An amazing platter of delicious goodies!


The seasonal mezze platter is offered only for brunch and changes regularly. One thing that always remains is their assorted homemade breads which were so scrumptious. This mezze platter included pickled pink turnip deviled eggs with labneh-whipped yolk and za’atar; pomegranate tabbouleh; shakshouka verde with avocado and Feta cheese; dips (browned butter house labneh, black garlic hummus, and butternut squash miso “mutabal”); and crispy brussels sprouts with allspice and pomegranate molasses.

Add On: Knafeh Pancake.

We added the knafeh pancake which was unlike any pancake I’ve ever tried before. The outside was coated in crispy shredded phyllo dough and the inside was stuffed with a sweet cheese. The pancake was flavored with floral orange blossom and a sprinkle of crushed pistachios. A delicious sweet treat.

I definitely recommend Lulu for a brunch option since it’s different compared to the typical American fare.

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