Review: Momofuku Ssäm Bar.

Our last dinner in Manhattan was no other than one of chef/restaurateur David Chang’s restaurants.

Chef David Chang has created a restaurant empire, Momofuku Restaurant Group, with numerous restaurants in the city and even abroad. His fine dining restaurant Momofuku Ko looked amazing but was fully booked so we opted for one of his casual restaurants, Momofuku Ssäm Barwhich has their signature dish on our menu at In Situ.

Montauk Scallops with Fava Beans, Curry Leaf, and Crème Fraiche (8/10).

A refreshing crudo dish with beautiful luscious scallops in an aromatic curry leaf oil with tangy crème fraiche. Definitely get this if you’re into crudos.

Hiramasa and Black Plum with Japanese Cucumber and Sansho Pepper (7/10).

Compared to the previous crudo dish, this was slightly a let down as the overall dish needed seasoning (salt and acid). I didn’t taste the sansho pepper at all which has a distinct flavor.

Single Pork Bun (8/10).

Tommy wanted to try their signature pork belly bao which was solid. Soft fluffy bun and tender unctuous meat, what’s not to like?

Glazed St. Louis Ribs with Katsuobushi Rub and Ao-Nori (8/10).

Finger lickin’ good ribs with a sweet glaze and dried seaweed sprinkled on top. Solid.

Shrimp Toast with Avocado and Pickled Chilies (8/10).

A fun snack with spicy shrimp “mash” piled on top of crispy toast served with creamy avocado.

Signature Dish: Spicy Pork Sausage and Rice Cakes with Yu Choy and Sichuan Peppercorn (8.5/10).

Of course, I had to order their signature dish as this is the one we feature at In Situ. It’s basically an Asian interpretation of Italian bolognese with rice cakes in replace of the pasta. I have to say that we nailed executing the dish. The rice cakes are lightly fried so some parts are extra crispy while other parts have that soft chew, a nice balance of textures. The pork sausage ragù had hints of numbing Sichuan peppercorn without being overpowering.

Pandan Coconut Pie (8/10).

Another signature dish is their coconut pie with a chewy interior served with pillowy whipped cream.

Momofuku was the perfect place after two nights of eating at fine dining restaurants. No frills just delicious approachable food so my rating is an 8/10.

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