Review: Great China.

Great China is a popular Chinese restaurant that’s always packed due to its prime location and reasonably priced food.

Located in Berkeley, right near the college campus, Great China is the perfect place to grab some Chinese grub with a large group. First off, the restaurant holds over 100 people and the menu has a plethora of dishes with substantial portions.


Pork Dumplings (6/10).

These pork dumplings were pretty average to be honest. The pork filling needed more flavor and the dipping sauce was watered down. I think the potstickers would have been a smarter choice.


Pork Chow Mein (7.5-8/10).

The chow mein was standard but actually pretty tasty. I love the chew that the noodles had as well as the fresh vegetables tossed in the chow mein.


Ong Choy with Garlic (8/10).

I always order some sort of green vegetable side dish and decided to get the ong choy instead of the typical sautéed spinach. Since I’m a garlic lover, I would have liked even more garlic cloves in the dish but that’s just my preference.


Mongolian Beef (8.5/10).

You can’t go wrong with Mongolian beef, one of my favorite Chinese dishes. Tender slices of beef tossed in a chili soy sauce with onion, scallions, and fried noodles. So good.

Definitely check out Great China whenever you’re craving delicious affordable Chinese food. Overall my rating is a 7.5-8/10.

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