Central Coast Getaway.

This past weekend I went back to my old stomping ground, San Luis Obispo, where I lived for four years.

Since I graduated five years ago, I’ve only visited SLO twice and both times have been so much fun. Since my days off work are Tuesday and Wednesday, we drove down the coast Monday night after I finished my shift. Of course we had to stop at In-N-Out Burger, an obligatory road trip destination. I ordered my usual cheeseburger animal style with fries but Tommy went all out and got not one but two double cheeseburgers animal style with animal style fries. Was is slightly overkill? I’d say so but he downed those burgers without any problems. After all, we only get In-N-Out when we go on road trips!


After the long drive down, we arrived around 10pm and checked into our hotel for the next two nights. We stayed at the Apple Farm Inn, one of the cutest idyllic hotels in the area. Since we were both tired from the journey, we both passed out pretty quickly.

The next day we woke up early to beat the heat so we could hike up Bishop’s Peak. The route we did was a little over three miles and I definitely worked up a sweat which was well worth it for that scenic view of the city. After our hike we passed by the adorable house that I used to live in. Long live Casa Tasa!

After hiking, we walked around Cal Poly’s campus which brought back great memories of the college days. It was actually Week of Welcome where the freshman enjoy a week of activities with fellow classmates before they start school the following week. I felt quite old to say the least since I am practically a decade older than all the people that were walking around campus!

Before lunch, we explored our hotel to check out the amenities. Not only do they have a gift shop with all sorts of knick knacks but also a bakery and restaurant. They even offer a free wine reception everyday from 3:30-5pm.

Of course I had to hit up one of my favorite joints for lunch, Splash Café. Without a doubt I ordered the clam chowder in the bread bowl, one of my favorite foods ever and Splash Café never disappoints.


After lunch we headed to Avila Beach for a day in the sun. With clear blue skies and a slight breeze, we soaked up the sun at the beach. I even went in the water a few times, slightly on the frigid side but it was refreshing since the weather was warmer than what I’m used to here in the Bay.


We ended the day with a no brainer, dinner at Firestone Grill which is always a crowd pleaser! Gotta get the tri-tip sandwich smothered in sweet bbq sauce, a meat lover’s dream. I always like the steak cobb salad with bacon and blue cheese but also the veggie avocado sandwich is dank. The spiced fries are also always an addictive treat.


We grabbed a beer at Frog and Peach Pub where it was pint night (every Tuesday) and all the college kids were getting rowdy. After a beer, it was time to call it a night (I couldn’t keep up with these 21 year olds) and we headed back to the hotel.

The next day we grabbed a quick lunch at High Street Deli before stopping by Morro Bay just to check out Morro Rock which is actually a volcanic plug.

After that we were on the road back to the Bay Area. Even though our trip was very short, it’s always amazing visiting SLO and the central coast for a weekend getaway from the city.

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