Review: Guacamole 61.

After reading rave reviews of this newly opened Mexican spot in the Ghetto Gourmet area of Berkeley, I knew I had to check it out.

Guacamole 61 is located inside a little plaza with various other vendors and offers a pretty extensive menu. They offer a $10 deal for five tacos so we decided to get that as well as a platter and elote.

Various Tacos (7/10).

For the five tacos we chose two carne asadas, one shredded beef, one chicken, and one carnitas. My favorites by far was the shredded beef and carnitas. All of them had a spicy sauce with onions and cilantro.

Elote (7.5/10).

The elote was smothered in their spicy sauce, Mexican crema, and Queso Seco. So freakin’ good but would have been even better if the corn was grilled.

Pineapple Al Pastor Plate (8/10).

For our platter, we ordered the pineapple al pastor which I highly recommend (I would get this in the tacos in the future). The pork was super flavorful and the pieces of pineapple complimented the savoriness of the meat.

Also the horchata (rice drink with various spices) was on point. Get it.

I would definitely come back for the pineapple al pastor because it was dank but everything else was just decent. Overall my rating is a 7.5/10.

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