Review: Tartine Manufactory.

Tartine Bakery and Café has been a San Franciscan staple for their amazing handcrafted breads and pastries.

Now owners/chefs Elisabeth Prueitt and her husband Chad Robertson have opened Tartine Manufactory, a full running café with of course scrumptious pastries and breads as well as a coffee shop, bar area, and salads/sandwiches.

Since they just opened a few weeks ago, the line was around the corner. Not unusual for the foodie city of San Francisco. Since we came later in the day, a lot of items were finished but we were able to sample a few pastries and take home a loaf of their perfectly made bread.

Durum Wheat Bread (8.5/10).

Gâteau Basque (7/10), Pistachio Almond Teacake (7/10), and Chocolate and Hazelnut (7.5/10).

While the bread was fantastic as always, crunchy rustic crust with an airy moist interior, the pastries weren’t as up to par as the ones at Tartine Bakery and Café. 

The space at Tartine Manufactory is beautifully designed with an enormous oven in the middle of the cafè. This is the perfect lunch spot to enjoy a bountiful salad or sandwich with a glass of wine or beer and follow with a sweet pastry or dessert. Overall I loved the addition to the already amazing Tartine Bakery and Café and Bar Tartine which is definitely more quaint but Tartine Manufactory has a hip modern vibe that’s appropriate for our time. Therefore my rating is an 8/10.

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