Review: Hog and Rocks.

I used to pass by Hog and Rocks everyday when I used to work at Lazy Bear since it was literally right across the street from my old work.

I came here for Saturday brunch since all the popular spots were packed in the city or you had to wait a ridiculous amount of time to get in somewhere. Hog and Rocks serves typical breakfast items such as eggs benedict as well as some fun twists on classics.

1$ Oysters (6.5/10).

We started with $1 hammersely oysters. These were meaty and creamy but not as delicious as kumamoto, kusshi, or shigoku oysters.

Egg Yolk Glazed and Spiced Fries (7/10).

We got half and half order of egg yolk glazed and spiced fries. Both tasty but nothing spectacular.

Duck Confit French Toast with Blackberry Cognac Syrup (7/10).

The duck confit French toast was tasty but lacked a little something. The duck confit was cooked well, nicely tender, and the addition of tart sweet blackberries was a great compliment. Also the French toast was soaked in almond milk and had a dusting of cinnamon.

Ham Donuts with Swiss Cheese and Nectarine Jam (7/10).

The donuts had pieces of ham inside but were slightly on the denser side. However I liked the flavor of the donuts with the melted Swiss cheese and nectarine jam.

I liked the atmosphere and vibe of Hog and Rocks, perfect for a group of friends to get drinks and food. However, the food was nothing that blew me away, just decent, so my rating is a 7/10.

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