Review: Gogi Time.

Looking for a fun and affordable restaurant to go with your friends? Gogi Time is the place to be!

Gogi Time, in Oakland, is a popular Korean BBQ and hotpot spot. We decided to do the Korean BBQ even though hotpot would be perfect in this cold weather. What’s great about this restaurant is that it’s all you can eat for $25!


Cheese Corn.

Chicken, Prawns, Beef Bulgogi, and Spicy Pork.

Spicy Tofu Stew with Clams.

Kimchi Pancake.


Beef Brisket and Pork Belly.

Cooking Away!

First you are given banchan, various small side dishes of vegetables to be eaten with your meal. Then you can order as much items off the menu! Things I would recommend that we ordered are the kimchi pancake, spicy tofu and clam stew, cheese corn, beef potstickers, beef bulgogi (my favorite out of the meats we ordered), beef brisket, and spicy pork.

For the price and the amount and selection of food, Gogi Time is a bargain! Overall, it was a fun experience and most of the food was pretty tasty so my rating is a 7/10.

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