Review: Rose Pizzeria.

With so many great pizza places around, I rarely visit the same one again.

While Rose Pizzeria has been open since late 2021, I didn’t try it until this year and have been twice now. This Berkeley spot specializes in thin crust pizza and their menu is pretty straight forward and concise. Their indoor dining area is small but they also have a cute outdoor patio area better suited for larger groups.

Indoor Dining at Rose Pizzeria.

Spicy Caesar Salad (7.5/10).

A solid riff on a caesar salad with little gem lettuces in a miso chili dressing. While I liked the spin on the dressing, I would have preferred normal croutons rather than the crispy breadcrumbs.

“Louie-Louie”: Fennel Pork Sausage, Green Onion, and Pickled Jalapeño (8.5/10).

The “Louie-Louie” was a white sauce pizza with little browned nuggets of sweet fennel pork sausage. The green onions added a little punch and the pickled jalapeños added some heat.

“Classic Pep”: Ezzo Pepperoni and Pickled Jalapeño (8.5/10).

You can’t go wrong with a classic pepperoni pizza and their twist had pickled jalapeños on top.

Yummy Pizzas!

Tiramisu (9/10).

We were both pleasantly surprised on how freakin’ good this tiramisu was. The ladyfingers were airy and the Mascarpone cream was so decadent yet light at the same time. I also liked the little sprinkle of sea salt on top which is not traditional.

Rose Pizzeria is the perfect laid back date night spot or casual outing with friends. With good vibes and simple but delicious food, my rating is an 8.5/10.

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