Review: Pasticceria Sal De Riso.

After a few days in sunny Sorrento we were off to our next destination! However, I had to make a stop at the legendary pastry shop, Pasticceria Sal De Riso.

This famous pastry shop is in Minori, a small town further down the Amalfi Coast about an hour from Sorrento. Along the way we passed by numerous towns such as Positano and Amalfi, which are both very well-known, as well as quieter towns such as Praiano and Conca dei Marini. The drive can be quite slow as there’s only one narrow road but the views are breathtakingly beautiful.

Once arriving in Minori, we parked about 10 minutes away from Pasticceria Sal di Riso and the scenery was stunning.

Pasticceria Sal di Riso.

Pasticceria Sal di Riso is a spectacular pastry shop where there are a plethora of tantalizing sweets from breads, cakes, mini desserts, cookies, gelato, and other confectionary treats.

Everything looked incredible but I knew the one dessert I had to get regardless was their signature “delizia al limone” (you can watch the chef prepare his iconic dessert below).

With so many tempting desserts and baked goods, we had to get an array of treats to share because realistically when’s the next time I’m going to be here?!

“Etna”: Almond Milk Cream with Orange and Pistachio Praline (8/10).

I loved the presentation of the chocolate volcano, so fun. Inside the chocolate exterior was an almond milk cream with crunchy pistachio praline. However, I do wish the pistachio flavor came through more.

“Anastasia”: White Chocolate Mousse with Almond and Dark Chocolate (9/10).

A creamy luscious mousse cake with layers of white and dark chocolate. Gorgeous presentation.

“Delizia al Limone”: Spongecake Soaked in Limoncello with Lemon Pastry Cream (9.5/10).

Their signature dessert did not disappoint. The moist spongecake was soaked in limoncello and then stuffed with the tangy lemon pastry cream and then the entire dessert was glazed in a whipped cream and lemon pastry cream mixture. It was so light and airy.

“Ricotta e Pere”: Hazelnut Biscuit with Ricotta Cream and Pear (9.5/10).

Another winning dessert where the light Ricotta cream with pieces of pear was sandwiched between a hazelnut crust. Really delicious.

“Santa Rosalia”: Sweet Pastry Crust with Ricotta Cream and Pistachio (9.5/10).

This baked pistachio tart had a real intense delicious flavor of pistachio which I absolutely loved. I could have easily eaten another slice.

All the desserts we tried were beautifully prepared and tasted amazing. I wish I could have eaten them all. If you’re ever visiting the Amalfi Coast, Pasticceria Sal di Riso is a must!

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