Review: Sunday Bakeshop.

I’ve been eyeing Sunday Bakeshop ever since they opened in late May this year in the Rockridge area of Oakland.

This Asian inspired bakery has all sorts of appealing pastries and of course I had to try a plethora of goodies. You can preorder most of their items online and they do have a handful of weekly specials that are only available in store. Obviously when I got there, I wanted to add a few specials to my order because yolo.

Sunday Bakeshop on College Avenue.


As you can see, I got quite the selection. All. The. Pastries.

Aloha Croissant (7/10), Corn Cheese Croissant (8.5/10), Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart (9/10), and Hojicha Chocolate Croissant (8/10).

I was excited to try the aloha croissant as I love sausage but I felt the overall pastry fell a little flat. It needed a little more seasoning, perhaps more furikake and Parmesan sprinkled on top. Surprisingly, the corn cheese croissant was super tasty with its rich savory filling. Definitely recommend. The cinnamon sugar pull-apart had that crispy caramelized exterior and fluffy interior, so good. Lastly, the hojicha chocolate croissant was a fun twist on a traditional chocolate croissant with its earthy roasted tea flavor.

Thai Tea Bun (7.5-8/10), Coconut Bun (7.5-8/10), Matcha Mango Cruffin (8.5-9/10), Strawberry Cruffin (8.5-9/10) and Ube Twinkie-Not Pictured (7/10).

Both the buns reminded me of Japanese melon pan with its sugar crust. I think both the fillings could have been stronger in flavor. I really liked both the cruffins (hybrid of a croissant and muffin). The matcha mango cruffin was topped with toasted meringue and the strawberry cruffin was topped with whipped cream. The ube twinkie (only in the pictures in the gallery) had a nice yellow spongecake but the ube frosting was very mild.

Matcha White Rabbit Cookie (8/10), Dim Sum Cookie (8/10), Cocoa White Rabbit Cookie (8/10), Ube Snickerdoodle (7/10), Matcha Cookies n’ Cream Rice Crispy Treat (8/10), and Toffee Cocoa Nib Brownie (8.5/10).

Both the matcha and cocoa cookies had pieces of white rabbit candy, a Chinese candy that’s milky, sugary, and has a slight vanilla flavor. Since I’ve never tried white rabbit candy by itself before, it’s hard for me to know if these two cookies had a prominent white rabbit candy flavor. The dim sum cookie totally nailed the idea of the sesame balls you’d find at a dim sum restaurant but in cookie form with its sesame exterior and red bean filling. The last cookie was the ube snickerdoodle which was my least favorite. Ube, purple yam, is used in a lot of Asian desserts but I don’t know if I’ve ever tried it alone to truly understand its flavor profile. All the cookies were very soft with a slight chew. The matcha cookies n’ cream rice crispy treat had chunks of cocoa cookies and the toffee cocoa nib brownie had a great fudgy texture.

Overall, Sunday Bakeshop has some fun whimsical pastries that you won’t find in your typical bakery so my rating is an 8/10.

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