Review: Media Noche.

On my way to Dolores Park, I just happened to stumble upon this new trendy yet casual spot called Media Noche in the heart of the Mission District.

Media Noche, which refers to various Cuban sandwiches that would be served at midnight outside of clubs in Havana, is an over the counter restaurant that offers various sandwiches, salads, bowls, and snacks. The decor is spot on with turquoise walls, beautifully tiled floors, and a cute outdoor seating area.

We decided to try two sandwiches, the cubano (roasted pork, smoked ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard) and the celia (island fried chicken, coconut slaw, avocado, and green sauce).

Cubano and the Celia.

The cubano is a classic sandwich and theirs didn’t disappoint. The melt in your mouth roasted pork was flavorful and moist, the smoked ham added another element of richness, the Swiss cheese was nicely melted, and the pickles and mustard added the acidity and kick to balance out the meaty flavors. The celia was a fun fried chicken sandwich with tons of avocado (always a winner in my book), a refreshing slaw, and a herbaceous tangy herb sauce. I loved the bread on both these sandwiches because the outside was super crispy and crunchy, the inside was soft, and it really kept the sandwich together without it getting soggy or falling apart. Next time I’ll be sure to try some of their side dishes (the ceviche and plantain chips looked bomb).

Media Noche is a fun addition to the lively Mission District so my rating is a solid 8/10.

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