Review: Arsicault Bakery.

Unlike famous San Francisco bakeries such as Tartine Bakery & Café and Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, Arsicault Bakery is a quaint neighborhood gem in the Inner Richmond serving quality pastries.

Arsicault Bakery is small with only a few options for pastries but everything I tried was very good quality. Their specialties include various types of croissants and scones, morning buns, paille, and the infamous kouign amann.

We tried a plain croissant, a ham and cheese croissant, an almond croissant, and the kouign amann. Both the plain croissant and ham and cheese croissant were excellently crafted with multiple crispy layers with a buttery texture. The almond croissant was one of the best I’ve ever tried, moist and sweet in the middle dusted with powered sugar. Lastly, the kouign amann was top notch; caramelized exterior with layers of crispy sweet dough. A must have!

Everything was so delicious so my overall rating is a 8.5-9/10.

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