Review: holy nata.

A hot new bakery specializing in only one pastry is selling out everyday.

holy nata opened in August in downtown San Francisco and they are overwhelmed by the positive response from the community. Their singular focus is pasteis de nata, Portuguese egg tarts, a pastry I never see around here. I actually haven’t had a pasteis de nata since 2013 when I visited Portugal. That’s a whole decade! The tiny shop is only open Tuesday-Friday as of now and is walking distance from one of my offices so I decided to check it out. Even though I swung by during the early afternoon, they only had a small quantity left. They do take preorders by phone which I was unaware of so that might be the best option in the future.

Holy Nata.

These stunning little egg tarts were fresh out of the oven and looked picture perfect. I got a box of 6 to share with Tommaso and my parents.

Pasteis de Nata.

I ate one there and it was heavenly. The pastry itself reminded me of a hybrid of croissant dough and phyllo dough with its many thin crispy layers and since it was fresh out of the oven, it was warm and so buttery. The vanilla scented custard was luscious and creamy with a slightly brûléed top. They also ask if you want them dusted in cinnamon but I wanted to try the pasteis de nata in their true form. Since pasteis de nata is the only thing they make, holy nata can really prioritize the quality of their product and it definitely shows. Be sure to stop by for these delicious morsels!

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