Prague is known for its beautiful architecture with Romanesque chapels and Gothic cathedrals. But it is also known for…beer. I was really eager to visit Prague for numerous reasons. A lot of my friends who had visited this city said they absolutely loved it and my boyfriend just happens to be half Czech (his mother is from Prague). So in 2013, my boyfriend and I planned a trip there and I was thrilled to have my own personal tour guide.

My time spent in Prague was really relaxing. The city isn’t too big so walking everywhere to see all the sites was easy. Also spending time with my boyfriend’s grandmother was wonderful! She lives right outside the city center, just a quick train ride away. She invited us over for a Czech lunch where she cooked a yummy home cooked meal of leek and carrot soup and fried chicken with potatoes.

Traditional Czech Lunch at Grandmas.

Traditional Czech Lunch at Grandmas.

It was a great experience being able to share memories with my boyfriend, Tommaso, and his grandmother and hopefully I’ll be back again soon to visit this amazing city!

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