Before making our way back to Rome, we had to stop by the charming town of Assisi in Umbria.

Even though Assisi is relatively close to Florence, I never visited this small hilltop town known for medieval architecture and being the birthplace of Saint Francis, the patron saint of Italy.

The most recognized attraction in the town dates back to 1228 and is the Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi, an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. This is an important church for Christian pilgrimage in the country and has a mix of Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles with frescos throughout.

Afterwards we walked through the town and saw multiple cute cats! Other churches we visited included Basilica di Santa Chiara, Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, and Cathedral of San Rufino.

Before hitting the road, we had a quick snack of paninis. The Mortadella one was delicious!

Assisi is still considered a pilgrimage destination where Catholics from around the world come to feel the spirit of Saint Francis. While I am not religious, the town had a serene and calming atmosphere with beautiful architecture. A definite must visit for any history or art lover.

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